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350z Wing Mount Details – Zach Peterson Drift Car In Action!

| September 21, 2011 | Reply

Here are some photos of the wing mount’s after machining and installation. You can see we used some small square tubing to add stiffness to the floor, then threaded the aluminum wing stand both bottom and top to secure it. It’s pretty neat-o! If we start doing any more endurance races we will re-locate the dry-break fuel receptacle to the outer body of the car so the trunk only needs to be opened to make damper adjustments, or for inspections. Either way the wing can be removed and re-installed in about 30 seconds.

You can see the diff cooler hiding away in this photo as well. It needs some ducting love!

The large support protrudes slightly through slots in the trunk. To open the trunk you need to remove the wing. Just the four small M6 nuts! Hopefully they never loosen off!!

The fitment turned out perfect. I’m proud of our work. All this just to remove a little bit of weight with the carbon trunk!

Because Race Car.


In other news, if you remember Zach Peterson’s drift car was recently finished up at SG. We did a shake down with him at DDT which was fun – but now Zach’s back in Vancouver and has had a chance to run the car at Evergreen Speedway in the Evergreen Drift series. He posted some pictures up on facebook – all we can say is damn the car looks great in action. Another build we’re really proud of. Looking forward to seeing Zach and Brigg’s get into a little SG 14 competition together! The builds are very similar and it would be great to see them go at it against one another!

Photo Credit: Brody Goble

Photo Credit: Brody Goble

Photo Credit: Brody Goble

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